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Duo-Tech Short Blade Fin - 465209

Duo-Tech Short Blade Fin - 465209


Item#: 465209 (300389 - 300395)

300389 - EU 33-34
300390 - EU 35-36
300391 - EU 37-38
300392 - EU 39-40
300393 - EU 41-42
300394 - EU 43-44
300395 - EU 45-46

Zoggs new Ultra Blue Finz feature a short blade with dual density weight. The foot is soft & malleable for comfort while the blade is slim & rigid allowing for optimum propulsion through the water. Ultra Blue Finz are also lightweight which results in a more balanced and natural rhythmic kick as well as a reduction in muscle fatigue on the calves so swimmers are less likely to experience cramping post swim. Can be used with a kickboard, allowing you to focus solely on improving your kick.

-Made from sustainable rubber (dual density)
-Specifically designed blade for optimum propulsion and performance
-Lightweight and compact

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