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Sonic Air Junior - Sonic Air 中童游泳鏡 461325 GNBLTBL

Sonic Air Junior - Sonic Air 中童游泳鏡 461325 GNBLTBL


Item#: 461325 GNBLTBL (323537)
Size: 6-14 yrs

Goggle panda eyes will be a thing of the past with our Air cushioned Sonic Air junior goggles with our Air cushion Technology - air filled gaskets provide a 'cushioned' seal which gives an 'almost not there' fit with significantly reduced marking around the eye. With an flexible one piece nose bridge and easy adjust split-yoke straps these goggles are sure to give a great fit, and with lightly tinted lenses these goggles are perfect for indoor swimming.


我們的氣墊式Sonic Air泳鏡, 避免變熊貓眼 , 充氣式密封氣墊提供了“緩衝”式防漏作用,令使用者感覺到泳鏡 “幾乎不存在” , 氣墊可顯著減少眼睛周圍的壓痕。憑著靈活的鼻樑組件及滑動調節鏡帶,確保泳鏡完配合面形,透明的鏡片使這款泳鏡成為室內游泳的最完美選擇。

  • 詳細內容 Details

    Comfortable Air cushioned seal for reduced marking and a customised fit
    Suitable for ages 6-14 years
    Fogbuster™ anti-fog lenses for fog free swimming
    Lightly tinted lens ideal for indoor swimming
    Maximum UV protection
    Flexible nose bridge for a customised fit
    Perfect for swimming lessons
    Easy Adjust silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability
    Split-yoke strap reduces pressure on the face


    氣墊技術可減少眼睛周圍的壓痕及不適, 並能加強緊貼度







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