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ONE & ALL SUN SMART 45ML 有機天然成份噴霧式防曬油

ONE & ALL SUN SMART 45ML 有機天然成份噴霧式防曬油

  • SPF50++PA++++ 噴霧式有機天然成分防曬油
  • 無色、不油膩,迅速吸收, 保濕滋潤
  • 天然尤加利、薄荷及可可巴油 ,不含人造香料
  • 抗水防汗配方,適用於高能量活動
  • 適合所有髮質及膚質,令肌膚秀髮光滑健康,保護頭髮及肌膚免受太陽曬傷
  • 通過皮膚醫學測試, 性質溫和,不刺激皮膚
  • 適合不同年齡和 膚質人士使用
  • 適用於所有氣候日常使用
  • 生物可降解,One & All 是愛護海洋環保產品品牌
  • 有機認證天然有效成份:
    • 橄欖油 – 含維生素E, 抗氧化,保持皮膚柔軟、鎮靜過敏皮膚、增加皮膚的彈性,幫助緩解燒傷,修復受傷皮膚
    • 葡萄籽油 – 舒緩敏感皮膚,防止曬傷,使皮膚秀髮柔順
    • 荷荷芭油 – 含維生素E,可滋潤皮膚秀髮,抗炎抗菌,減少秀髮受損情況
    • 尤加利精油 – 抗炎抗感染,有助治療過敏皮膚、昆蟲叮咬,改善暗瘡及頭髮光澤
    • 蘋果籽油 – 抗氧化、提供額外保護免受太陽光線傷害,含維生素A
    • 薄荷精油 – 有助緩解曬傷,為皮膚降溫,消除皮膚疲勞,有助改善暗瘡,滋養頭髮


SPF50++PA++++ Spray Type Organic Natural Ingredients Sunscreen.
Transparent, non-greasy, quickly absorbed, moisturising.
Natural Eucalyptus, Peppermint Fragrance.  No Artificial Fragrance.
Water and sweat resistant formula for high energy activities.
Suitable for all ages and all hair & skin types, leaves skin smooth and healthy, protects hair and skin from sun.
Dermatologically tested, mild in nature and does not irritate the skin.
Suitable for everyday use in all climates.
Biodegradable, One & All is a brand of ocean & eco-friendly eco-friendly products.
Certified Organic & Natural Ingredients:
Olive oil – contains vitamin E, anti-oxidant, keeps skin soft, calms allergic skin, increases skin elasticity, helps relieve burns, and repairs injured skin.
Grapeseed Oil – soothes sensitive skin, protects against sunburn, smoothes skin and hair.
Jojoba Oil – Contains vitamin E, moisturises skin and hair, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, reduces hair damage.
Eucalyptus essential oil – anti-inflammatory and anti-infective, helps to treat allergic skin, insect bites, improve acne and hair luster.
Apple Seed Oil – Antioxidant, extra protection from sun, vitamin A.
Peppermint essential oil – helps relieve sunburn, cools the skin, eliminates tired skin, helps improve acne, nourishes hair.


    外出接觸陽光前塗抹適量Sun Smart於皮膚上。
    游泳後或在戶外活動中每2小時重新塗一次及塗拭前先抹乾汗水, 効果更理想。

    僅供外部使用,避免接觸眼睛,如不慎觸碰到眼睛,請用水徹底沖洗。如出現刺激請停止使用。建議2歲以上的兒童使用, 如特別因素或先諮詢醫生。請將本品放在兒童不能接觸的地方。


    Apply appropriate amount of Sun Smart on the skin when going out in the sun.
    After swimming or during outdoor activities, reapply every 2 hours and wipe for better results.
    Before use, spray on the palm of your hand and spread it slightly, and apply it thinly on the surface of the face, skin and hair, avoiding contact with eyes.

    For external use only, avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
    If there are special factors, consult a doctor before use.
    Please keep this product out of the reach of children.

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