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Zoggs Phantom Mask Junior  - Phantom Junior Mask 中童游泳鏡 461317 PUBLCLR

Zoggs Phantom Mask Junior - Phantom Junior Mask 中童游泳鏡 461317 PUBLCLR


item#: 461317 PUBLCLR (306449)


Size: 6-14 yrs
Our new Phantom Junior mask sits further from the eye for added comfort and the larger frame offers maximum undistorted 180 degree peripheral vision through the use of Curved Lens Technology. The lenses feature UVA and UVB protection to shield eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and Fogbuster™ anti-fog lenses for fog free swimming and fantastic clarity. The Soft-Seal frame is hypo-allergenic for exceptional fit comfort, great for swimming lessons and the use of a split-yoke strap helps to reduce pressure on the face for a superb and comfortable fit.

澳洲ZOGGS Phantom Junior Mask游泳鏡是ZOGGS的一款經典暢銷產品,最適合6-14歲的孩子佩戴。大框架和CLT™全景大視覺球面切割技術給你180度的超大視野。具備防UVA、UVB紫外線功能和獨特的 Soft-Seal™抗過敏物料, 柔軟並且能緊貼面型。Fogbuster™鏡片防霧技術,能夠長時間在抗霧氣下游泳。是喜愛游泳的人不能錯過的型號!!

  • 詳細內容 Details

    CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology 180 degree undistorted peripheral vision
    Maximum UV protection
    Tinted lens ideal for both indoor and outdoor swimming
    Larger frame offers super comfortable fit
    Fogbuster™ impregnated anti-fog lenses - for longer fog free swimming
    Super soft hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal™ frame for ultimate comfort and fit
    Quick adjust split yoke strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability

    使用抗過敏柔軟密封貼合技術 Soft-Seal™

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