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Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Reactor 終極戰士型寳麗來感光成人專業游泳鏡 301929

Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Reactor 終極戰士型寳麗來感光成人專業游泳鏡 301929


Item#: 310929

Size: Adults 

Get ready to experience our best fit yet, with our Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Reactor Swimming Goggles. The Predator Flex range of swimming goggles offer unrivalled comfort and fit, thanks to the use of 4 unique flexpoints for enhanced frame flexibility and a customised fit.

As no two faces are the same, we have introduced two different sizes into the Predator Flex range of goggles; regular profile fit, and smaller profile fit. Coupled with the new Advanced Ultra Fit™ gasket, for exceptional comfort, Predator Flex goggles now fit more faces than ever before.

The Polarized Ultra Reactor photochromatic lenses react to the sun's rays, allowing for a darker and more protective tint in brighter conditions, and complete clarity in darker settings, making them the perfect partner for long open water swims with changing light conditions, or a regular training session at your local pool. There’s no need to worry about fogging either, with anti-fog impregnated into the lens for exceptional moisture control and clarity. 


請準備好體驗我們的Predator Flex終極戰士型保麗來感光`變色游泳鏡,以感受最強的游泳快感。 Predator Flex 系列的游泳鏡給使用者無與倫比的舒適性和緊貼度,這是因為使用了 3D 立體 FLEXPOINT 技術,增強了鏡框的靈活度和緊貼度。

新的Advanced Ultra Fit™封邊設計, 配合 Predator Flex 游泳鏡可提供前所未有的舒適度,對比舊款式的設計更適合更緊貼面部。

偏光高感光變色鏡片會對太陽光線作出反應,在較光的情況下, 鏡片會轉暗並加強對眼睛的保護性,在較暗的環境下, 鏡片顏色會變回正常顏色, 在正常顏色情況下也可以提供完美清晰的視野,使它們成為長時間在光線變化或定期訓練的開放水域游泳的理想伴侶。游泳並不需擔心起霧問題,高效能的防霧鏡片,可控制游泳鏡內的水氣和提高透明度及清晰度。



Colour: Blue
  • Details

    Colour: Blue / Metallic Silver / Copper
    Two available sizes, regular fit, and smaller profile fit
    Exclusive Advanced Ultra Fit™ gasket, designed to reduce pressure around the eye socket for exceptional comfort
    Unique 4 Flexpoint Technology™ for enhanced frame flexibility
    Polarized Ultra Reactor photochromatic lens, reacting to the sun's rays for a darker tint in brighter conditions
    CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology offers 180-degree peripheral vision
    Anti-fog lenses to make sure you can swim clearly
    Maximum UV Protection to protect your eyes from high levels of light and harmful UV rays from harmful UV rays
    Split strap for added security
    Quick-adjust strap, for complete ease and speed in finding the best fit
    Fina approved

    獨特的高級Ultra Fit™封邊,能夠減輕眼睛四周圍的壓力,提供超凡的舒適感
    獨特的3D 立體 4 Flexpoint Technology™可增強鏡架外型的靈活性
    偏光Ultra Reactor彩色透鏡,在明亮的環境下, 鏡片會對太陽光線作出反應,從而改變鏡片的色調


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