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Zoggs Ultima Air Titanium 創世紀形氣墊鈦鏡面塗層成人游泳鏡 461078 BLBKMTI

Zoggs Ultima Air Titanium 創世紀形氣墊鈦鏡面塗層成人游泳鏡 461078 BLBKMTI


Item#: 461078 BLBKMTI (304795)

Size: Adults
Air Cushion: Air filled seal provides an ultra light fit with visibility less marking around the eyes. Air filled seal provides an "almost not there" fit. Made from high quality silicone.
Mirror Titanium Coated Lens: Added protection from reflected light reducing glare and improving visibility.

Zoggs 氣墊的最新成果,Ultima Air Titanium Swimming Goggles在水中使用時, 外觀和感覺都非常超卓。 由高質量矽膠製成的空墊, 有“Cushion”的效果,戴上後會有一種“幾乎不存在”的感覺, 能減少眼睛周圍的壓痕。 鈦塗層鏡片能反射光線, 提供額外的保護,以減少光線對眼睛產生的疲勞, 並可在不同情況和日常訓練中使用。容易調節的鏡帶, 配有可互換的鼻樑組件,令泳鏡更易用更舒適,更時尚

Colour: Blue

  • 詳細內容 Details

    • Colour: Blue/Blue
    • Titanium lenses provide added protection from reflected light to reduce eye fatigue in high level light/sunny conditions.
    • Fantastic in indoor and outdoor conditions
    • Air filled gasket, made from high quality silicone, provides a cushioned seal that reduces marking around the eye
    • Split Yoke strap made from high quality silicone is strong, durable and comfortable
    • Slide adjust clip is simple to use and secure, making finding the perfect fit easy
    • Fogbuster anti-fog lenses for extra moisture control and clarity of vision
    • Maximum UV protection blocks 99-100% of sun’s harmful UV rays
    • CLT – Curved Lens Technology offers 180 degree peripheral vision

    鈦塗層鏡片可提供額外的保護,令使用者免受反射光的影響,以減少高強度光照射 / 弦光下令眼睛疲勞。
    由優質矽膠製成的分叉Y型鏡, 堅韌耐用,舒適
    滑動調節夾, 易於使用和固定,可以容易找到最合適的位置
    CLT –曲面透鏡技術可提供180度的周邊視

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