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Zoggy Arm Rings 1-6 yrs - 465414

Zoggy Arm Rings 1-6 yrs - 465414


Item#: 465414
11 to 30kg
Zoggs Zoggy Arm Ring swimming armbands for kids feature dual buoyancy functionality with separate Easy Inflate(tm) non return safety valve, allowing buoyancy to be adjusted as wearer's confidence increases, the swimming armbands also feature a sponge insert for additional buoyancy. Made from durable Vylux(tm) which is not easily torn or punctured. An ideal learn to swim aid to help children develop their swimming ability & water confidence.

  • Instructions for use:

    1. Slide Arm Bands onto upper arm.
    2. To inflate: Squeeze the valve and blow into the chamber. Inflate until firm.
    3. Close the valve by firmly inserting the stopper.
    4. Push the valve into the chamber until flush.
    5. Ensure the flat contoured side sits underneath the arm for optimal comfort.
    6. Allow the child to enter the water, holding their hand as they do so, once in the water check the buoyancy. When checking buoyancy the water level should be across the shoulders. If necessary adjust the buoyancy by inflating or deflating. Do not let go of your child until correct buoyancy in achieved.
    7. To deflate: Push valve out of chamber, remove stopper and squeeze base of valve to release air.
    8. Remove Zoggy Arm Rings from your child's arm gently

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